GIRLS SUNSET LEAGUE CHAMPIONS: 2019 SURF, 2018, 2017,2016,2015,2014,2013, 2012
BOYS SUNSET LEAGUE CHAMPIONS: 2019 SURF, 2018, 2017, 2015, 2014

In 2018 Sunset League split into two divisions:  Subject to change

The SURF Division: CDM, Edison, Fountain Valley, Los Alamitos

The WAVE Division:  Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Marina, Newport Beach

A big "THANK-YOU" to the many families, friends, neighbors and local businesses who support the team by contributing time, talent,

gift-in-kind donations and monetary contributions! 

Los Alamitos Track and Field Boosters was formed by a group of parents who were passionate about youth track and field. We believe that every

individual has the potential of greatness within them. We believe that with the right nurturing that those who

desire can excel  beyond expectations.

 We believe that integrity is the common denominator of true success. We believe that becoming a champion is a mindset that must be obtained through hard work, dedication, and determination.


 Track Meets

Mitchell, Jaiden Uhmar  
Nelson, Kate    
Nemnich, Hannah Taylor  
Oltman, Lydia Rachelle  
Rogers, Brian Daniel  Rosenthal, Jonathan Ivan    Santacruz, Sebastian    
Scott, Simon Alexander  
Seng, Anthony Thys      
Shaw, Tanner Ray        
Smotrys, Desirae Anna   
Sohn, Parker Brooks     
Spinelli, Mia Isabella  
Swift, Kaniya Elizabeth 
Tuliau, Niko Brian      
Tuliau, Noa Patrick     
Ung, Matthew Patrick   
Viramontes, Jaquelyn    
Wall, Megan Elizabeth   
Wiggs, Amelia Catherine
Wry, Logan 




Adele, Owen Dean       
Areyan, Christian Anthony      Basurto, Victor Bruce   
Becker, Samuel Thomas  Bernardo, Michelle Ashlee    Chavan, Rahul Pavri    
Denis, Kaliyah Eileen   
Diaz, Isaac Zeke     
Espeleta, Nathan Jacob  
Gonzalez, Felix 
Hardwick, Cole Thomas   
Hein, Mitchell Casey    
Herrera, Ashley 
Hilliker, Jacob 
Howard, Sawyer James   
Iriarte, Juliana Danielle      
Kelman, Stephen Rui-Zhi 
Kimura, Wesley Katsumi
Konegni, Michael        
Larios, Erin Marie    
Larson, Cooper Farrell  

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         Los Alamitos Track and Field

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Los Alamitos High School Track & Field Boosters | 3409 Cerritos Ave, Los Alamitos, CA 90720 | 501(c)(3) | Federal Tax ID #42-1641880

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 League Championships

For  info  regarding Track & Field, please contact Coach Howard 562-544-1572

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